And to her agreeing, which is what I needed before I could even think of doing this since I need her approval for anything pertaining to my submissive training. ========================================================== -> From: Mary -> To: Sara Hi Sara, It's too bad he's conservative, and even more so that you find it hard to talk to him. Have you thought of me this way, too. I'm so damn small on top." "I always tell you, honey, it's quality, not quantity," Eric laughed, "isn't that right, Mickey." "Not when you can have both," I replied too smartly. Chas just dumped Rita. First you have the first guy layback on the bed and you climb on top of him and ride him. Unable to leave the seat I was chained to, I was sitting in my own mess. I watched as they began to undress each other and the passion began to increase. I think we have all had this happen at some time or another. Just one time, that's all.